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Port of Kotor

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Port of Zelenika

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Montenegro Flights - Once you got here

After you took your Montenegro Flight and got here you have to know about transportation, accomodation and other services. Basically the touristic economy in Montenegro expands at a rapid rate and during the summer season you won't find it lacking any important service you may have been used to. But, the informational component of Montenegro tourism business is still lacking so sometimes it is not easy to find desired services even if they exists. Use this page as a quick guide to find accomodation, transportation and other services when you arrive in Montenegro.

Montenegro Road Transport

The most important coastal road in Montenegro goes along the whole coast from Ulcinj to Igalo (Jadranska magistrala). The other one connects to Serbia roadway starting from Petrovac (or Budva) and going through Podgorica, Kolasin and Bijelo Polje. If you are arriving by your own car you can reach Montenegro from border crossings with Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. If you are arriving by plane you can rent a car in one of car hire agencies located in towns near airports. For more information check the links on our pages.


Border crossings:  
With Serbia: Dobrakovo, Rance, Cemerno, Kula, Drazenovac, Vuce
With Croatia: Debeli Brijeg, Kobila
With Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sitnica, Scepan polje, Krstac, Vracenovici, Metaljka, Ilino brdo, Nudo, Sula
With Albania: Bozaj, Sukobin, Grncar

Car Insurance:
If you are coming to Montenegro by car you are obligated to pay short term insurance for your vehicle at the border crossing. However, if your country has a special agreement with Montenegro - "Green Card" you are not obligated to pay for insurance. The agreement is valid for folowing countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Morocco, Malta, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, FYR of Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Republic of Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, The United Kingdom, Tunis, Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Iraq and Iran.

The "Green Card" can be easily obtained at border crossings. You may also have to pay for pass through tunnel "Sozina" which connects Montenegro coast with continental part and the fee is 2.5 euros.


Speed limits and other restrictions:

On the territory of Montenegro it is compulsory:
- use of dimmed lights
- use of safety belts
- use of the homologation motorcycle helmets for motorbikes riders and co-riders
- use of fog lights is allowed with the conditions of lessened visibility to more than 50 percent
- adjustment of speed to conditions on the road
-mobile phones use while driving is not permited.

Petrol stations are located in all towns and along the main roads in Montenegro. The stations are open from 7 am until 8 pm every day, except Sundays, and in the summer season until 10 pm. On-duty petrol stations in larger towns and on the main roads are open 24 hours a day.

Please note that petrol prices may vary:

premium super: 1, 02 EUR (€) / 1 liter
unleaded: 1, 03 EUR (€) / 1 liter
diesel: 0, 95 EUR (€)/ 1 liter
eco-diesel: 0, 94 EUR (€) / 1 liter

Car Rental
Car Rental services are availabe near airports and in all larger towns and tourist centers. Please check out the service links.

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Auto Moto Association of Montenegro Official Web Site -

On Road services, keel service, help on road, mechanic service, telephone informations about weather conditions.

help line: 9807
AMSCG 081/ 225-493, 244-467, 9807, 225-635


Montenegro Train Transport

Travelling by train in and from Montenegro is inexpensive. Montenegro and Serbian railway system is reliable and convenient although not fast and very modern. The main railway line is Bar-Podgorica-Belgrade. Further on, Belgrade connects with the rest of Europe. The main railway line Bar-Belgrade has branches to Niksic and Skadar in Albania. Auto car and sleeping car trains are also available. The number of trains increases during the summer time.

Railway of Montenegro
Podgorica: 081 / 441 211
Bar: 085 / 301 615
Sutomore: 085 / 373 257
Kolasin: 081 / 441 492
Mojkovac: 084 / 472 130
Bijelo Polje: 084 / 478 560
Niksic: 083 / 214 480

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Railway of Montenegro Official Website
International timetable information -

Montenegro Bus Transport

Montenegro connects with neighbouring contrise with very frequent bus network. The bus stops in all cities and towns of Montenegro. During the tourist season bus stops are working non stop. A regular bus lines from Belgrads is also available. The number of buses increase during the summer time.

Bus stations:
Podgorica: 081 / 620 430
Ulcinj: 085 / 413 225
Sutomore: 085 / 373 128
Budva: 086 / 456 000
Petrovac: 086 / 461 510
Tivat: 082 / 672 620
Kotor: 082 / 325 809
Herceg Novi: 088 / 321 225
Kolasin: 081 / 864 033
Bijelo Polje: 084 / 432 219
Zabljak: 089 / 361 318
Pljevlja: 089 / 323 040
Mojkovac: 084 / 472 247


Montenegro Boat Transport

The coast of the Adriatic Sea makes Montenegro accessible for arrivals by boats, yachts, ferries, cruisers...There are a few passenger shipping companies that maintain regular ferry connection between Montenegro and Italy. Ships operate on lines between Bar-Bari and Bar-Ancona and Kotor-Bari. During the summer months the frequency of lines is increased.

Ports and harbours:

The port of Bar is the biggest port in Montenegro. The capacity depends on the type and length of boats, 14 to 20 boats can be served at same time.

The Kotor harbour consists of the Kotor bay with the operative coast of 216 m in length and 3 to 12,8 m in depth, the Lipici terminal with a 75 m long operative coast and the small harbour of Bigovo, which is located on the open sea.

The Zelenika harbour has 270 m of operative coast length and 92 m in depth. The main activities of the Zelenika terminal are selling and warehousing.

Marina "Sveti Nikola" - Bar
Marina Budva
Marina "Kaliman" - Tivat
Marina "Kordic" - Prcanj
Marina Kotor - Port of Kotor
Marina Risan - Risan mooring place
Marina Meljine - Port of Meljine
Marina Herceg Novi - Herceg Novi town port


You can cut some time off from driving all the way around the Bay of Kotor by taking the Lepetani-Kamenari car ferry at Verige (the narrowest part of the Bay of Kotor). The ferry runs regularly all day long and operates from September 30th to June 1st 05.00-24.00 and from June 1st to September 30th 00.00-24.00 Tel: +381(0)88/673-558. The terminals are Kamenari - located 12 km from the town of Herceg Novi and Lepetani - located 5 km from the town of Tivat.


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+381 (0)85 312 366

The Port of Kotor:
+381 (0)82 325 573

The Port of Zelenika:
+381 (0)88 78092

Mercur - Adriatica & Co
Bar, Obala 13 jula
Tel: +381 (0)85 313 617, 313 570

Montenegro line
Bar, Obala 13 jula
Tel: +381 (0)85 312 366; 303 469

Bar, Obala 13 jula
Tel: +381 (0)85 315 091

Tel: +381 (0)85 317 202, 317 203, 317 205

Herceg-Novi, Njegoseva 64
Tel: + 381 (0)88 322 085

Dina Travel
Ulcinj, Voja Lakicevica bb
Tel: +381 (0)85 411 238, 401 024, 401 025

Podgorica, Sv.Petra Cetinjskog
Tel: +381 (0)81 243 593

Kotor, park Slobode 1
Tel: + 381 (0)82 325 569

Montenegro SB Travel
Tel: + 381 (0)81 664 884

Ulcinj, 26. Novembra bb,
Tel: +381 (0)85 421 615



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